Sense and Respond: a New Management Paradigm

Frédéric Laloux is auteur van het boek Reinventing Organizations. In deze video laat hij zijn licht schijnen op de toekomst van management in organisaties.

When rising complexity pushes corporate hierarchies to their limits, the only meaningful response is a paradigm shift, argues business thinker Frédéric Laloux. Author of the best-selling book “Reinventing Organizations,” Laloux advocates a people-centric approach with radically streamlined structures that facilitate active involvement and self-management. But can that really work? Talking with Egon Zehnder, this Belgian visionary recounts exemplary success stories, explains why the future belongs to self-managing organizations, and describes what he means by ‘wholeness’ and ‘evolutionary purpose’ – and why they represent important breakthroughs.

Bron: YouTube

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